Tips for Sensitive People Who Feel Judged, Ashamed And Drained

Let’s find out how to back yourself when you feel ashamed, judged or drained.

While Being Judged

  1. Keep in mind that you don’t require everybody to love you. All you require is to understand yourself.
  2. It’s none of your business how people see You will only get hurt by their words if you give them enough space in your life.
  3. If people are calling your “sensitive,” it doesn’t mean that you have to change yourself or you are doing something inappropriate.
  4. If people don’t give you attention, they are on the losing side. They are losing a wonderful person who will never hurt them.
  5. People who judge you actually watch their own reflection.
  6. When people don’t value your emotions, it doesn’t make you have invalid emotions.
  7. You can end a conversation anytime you want and simply walk away.
  8. Sometimes you think people are judging you, while actually, they are not. There is another side of the story.

While Being Ashamed

  1. First of all, you need to understand you can’t control your highly sensitive nature. When you are not ashamed of your hairs, lips, why you are ashamed osf some other thing you were born with?
  2. There are more than 1.5 billion sensitive people on the planet. Try to be normal as you are not alone.
  3. Being sensitive is completely fine. You deserve as much respect and love as anyone else.
  4. What is a shame? Where it comes from? It comes from the inside. The story you tell yourself and you have complete control to change your narrative about yourself.
  5. Everyone makes a lot of mistakes in their life. No need to be ashamed for the rest of life because of your past. Forgive yourself, learn from the mistake and move on.
  6. Crying is completely normal. It’s a sign of courage and releases mental stress.
  7. Being sensitive is no weakness. In fact, it’s a sense of your depth, understanding, creativity, which is actually a strength.

While Feeling Drained

  1. When you try to take away everybody’s pain (Which you can’t in reality), you are actually not allowing them to grow.
  2. There is no way to fix everything around you. Listening to people’s issues is enough.
  3. There is no need to force yourself to do something you already know you never enjoy or feel drained after it.
  4. Listen to yourself! If you want to leave a place, a gathering, you can simply leave instead of thinking too much about how people will feel about it.
  5. Set some boundaries and don’t allow external situations to drain you.
  6. Sleep enough! Make it a habit to sleep at least 8 hours each day.
  7. Feeling drained? Ask yourself “What do you want” and do it.
  8. Taking care of you is not selfish at all.


It’s quite easy to read a list of lessons than to apply it when you are actually in a situation. How to effectively use this list? Print it and put it on your wall, make it your mobile wallpaper. In short, put it everywhere to see it as often as possible.