How Yoga Helps You Fight Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are two major impacts on our bodies, which are the outcomes of our hectic routine. Due to our busy schedule, we don’t even have time to relax our body and mind.  However, there is a simple and effective way to cope with these issues. Yoga is capable of reducing our anxiety and relieving us from stress. To know how you can achieve peace and tranquility through yoga, here is how it works.

Breathing Slowly Calms your Mind

Yoga is an effective way to soothe your mind by focusing on your breathing. By practicing breathing, you can deepen your breath. This allows your mind to calm down, relieving you from anxiety and stress. When practicing yoga, make sure to focus on the inhaling and exhaling of the air. Listen to the calmness that prevails within your breathe and try to utilize it to soothe your body and mind.

Relaxes your Body

If you are anxious and tense, your entire body feels stressed out. The tension travels from the lower back to your head. This results in severe headache and anxiety. In addition, you also feel the tension in various areas including neck and jaw. Yoga is a perfect way to release tension from the muscles located throughout the body. Once the physical tension releases, it immediately lowers your stress or anxiety level.

Relax the Mind

If you are suffering from anxiety, it appears to be nearly impossible to relax your mind. Nevertheless, yoga serves as a powerful tool when combined with meditation. It is the only non-pharmacological method of treating anxiety and stress. According to research conducted in 2011, the Harvard researchers revealed that nearly 3% of Americans received advice from GPs to practice yoga and meditation.

Helps to Release your Emotion

Negative emotions have a tendency to build up stress and anxiety if you don’t express such feelings. This may even give rise to sadness and anger, which are two prominent causes of stress and anxiety. Yoga helps you to unwind your mind by releasing all your negative feelings and emotions. As a result, you feel calm and absorb the tranquility that surrounds you.

Builds a Connection between the Body and Mind

Yoga allows you to develop a sense of harmony between your body and mind. Once you regain such a state, it assists you to be mindful and live in the moment. This synchronization helps you to detect and release stress. In fact, it is the key to create a perfect balance and wellbeing.

Promotes the Release of Endorphins

Scientific research has revealed that the endorphin level of people practicing yoga is relatively higher after they complete a session. Another study found that the level of stress hormone cortisol is quite low in those students who practice yoga. Hence, they experience less anxiety and stress.


Stress and anxiety turn out to be the worst enemy of peace and tranquility. Once, these disorders start to appear, it is hard to reduce their impact. If you are facing such an issue, try practicing yoga. This is so, as yoga is a powerful stress buster and helps to manage anxiety. While trying yoga poses if you feel any pain, you can always contact Peak Health as they are the best pain management company in Orlando and Kissimmee