• Tips for Better Meditation

    Meditation trainees frequently pertain to me and also ask what they can do to improve their meditation Success in meditation is not the result of any one single element yet relies on sustained and methodical initiative over a time period. Nevertheless, there are a couple of pointers for reflection, that will certainly aid you to […]


    Recap: An in-depth take a look at Zen Reflection. What exactly is Zen meditation? And also why is this reflection technique related to Buddhists? Zen meditation is not unlike any type of other types as well as techniques of meditation. Nevertheless, some view meditation as a spiritual method to accomplish self-awareness. Its association with Buddhists […]


    Summary: The distinctions and also similarities of Buddhist meditation to other techniques. Is Buddhist reflection religious beliefs in itself or merely a mind workout like most others? While Buddhist meditation is not a faith, it is inspired by the goals of the Buddhism religion. After all, the human mind is the heart of the Buddhist […]

  • Justice and Punishment -Is There Any Room Left for Mercy?

    When there is a crime, there is a suitable punishment for it. This is how our society functions. This is how the order of things are maintained and chaos is brought to a minimum. But how exactly does it function? Where did it all start? How exactly did our society, being a collection of complex […]